Happy STG’Mas!


Happy STG’mas to me! I mean, er, you. Fuck it, game on!

Last of the Xmas dope shooting swag just arrived at EBStg HQ. Going deep cover now.

Sooo… Peace for 2014 & see y’all on the flipside!

Ciao hombres,



Can Bullet Hell Games Be Meditative?

Some truth in there…






Triangle Shooting Love – Toshiaki Fujino Interview

Care of SoftOtaku over HERE


G-Stream G2020 discussion over at Shooting Game Weekly HERE


Now go support Triangle – purchase “Xbox360 Shooting Club. 10th Anniversary -XIIZEAL & Triangle ZEAL- Regular Edition” at AmiAmi right now, for only 5100Yen HERE


Ciao hombres.

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid



Just took delivery of the above – a nice big box stuffed full of Jap goodies, all the way from our favourite Tokyo STG purveyor, Jeff aka rancor. http://www.sk8tokyo.com/shmup/

Now, amongst that loot, is a haul of the aforementioned GABA (GABA enhanced choccies). For the uninitiated, check the GABA Wiki page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamma-Aminobutyric_acid

Soooo… off to bang a loada these now, & rack up some WR scores!

Or not.

Will report back.


Oh yeah – found a heap of random stuff in the studio, anyone interested? (For those that asked, I think the AMI boxes could be knocked out around the €5 mark for Xmas. Also a couple of Akai Katana boxes left, plus heaps of the DLC postcards etc. from the original beer-kits. PM me.)

Latest Stg project incoming…

Sega Virtua Striker 2 Cabinet

New cab addition up at Ebstg HQ – and what a huuuge motherfucker it is too!

Will ultimately end up as a dedicated Stg Cab – tate’d obviously, with custom art.

(No Sega Naomi motherboard unfortunately, but it was gratis at the end of the day. Result! Everything else seems in straight enough order. First up will be getting shot of Virtua Striker 2 artwork…)

And that Cp alone is boss – I mean, look at the size of the fucker! Just think how many brewskies/lines of coke/midget whores you could fit up on that thing. Shit son!

Let’s see how this one pans out…

Off for some inspiration now re artwork.



Wasshoi In Europe (Stunfest 2013)

Holy shit, just caught this thread over at Shmups forum:

Kamui, Clover-TAC and NAK are travelling to France in April to demo Battle Garegga, Dodonpachi Saidaioujou and Mushihimesama Futari at Stunfest.



“Same as last year, the Stunfest will take place in the Halle Francis Querne, in the awesome city of Rennes ! On April 26th, 27th and 30th 2013, you know that the Stunfest is « the place to be » for gamers but also for curious people who enjoy gmes and want to discover a whole new way to approach video games. Stunfest is a video games festival like you never seen… Arcades machines, retrogaming, indie games, concerts, conferences, and one of the biggest fighting games competition in Europe. Players come from all over the world to participate and play at the Stunfest. Since 2005, our goal it to show video games as what they are nowadays : not only entertainement, but a whole culture, and you’ra part of it ! Come get some !”

Ok, so let’s price up some flights from Irlanda Del Norte to Rennes. Fuck yes!

Getting back into the STG groove…

…with Raiden Fighters Jet (NTSC-J Raided Fighters Aces – X360).

This game is fucking BOSS!

So, nothing to report just yet from EBStg HQ – go and check these guys instead:




Or, support the community, by pre-ordering Pyongyangs’ new Stg ‘zine Pink Bullets, over at:


Or buying some shit from Tokyo Shmups:


For now, I’m in here:


…RFJ hi-score thread over at Shmups forum.

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