Gamma Aminobutyric Acid



Just took delivery of the above – a nice big box stuffed full of Jap goodies, all the way from our favourite Tokyo STG purveyor, Jeff aka rancor.

Now, amongst that loot, is a haul of the aforementioned GABA (GABA enhanced choccies). For the uninitiated, check the GABA Wiki page here:

Soooo… off to bang a loada these now, & rack up some WR scores!

Or not.

Will report back.


Oh yeah – found a heap of random stuff in the studio, anyone interested? (For those that asked, I think the AMI boxes could be knocked out around the €5 mark for Xmas. Also a couple of Akai Katana boxes left, plus heaps of the DLC postcards etc. from the original beer-kits. PM me.)