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STG 101 – A Beginners Guide To 2d Shooters @ Racketboy

Excellent STG piece above, from Bulletmagnet, over at Racketboy. Go check it now. Then go show some love over here:

EBS Akai Katana Asahi-doujin beer-afficianado-kit. Spotted in the wild…Extra Danmaku Joy comrades!

Akai Katana Asahi beer doujin kit Candy Arcade Cab cpThanks to Skykid over HERE for the pic – enjoy your doujin-merch comrade!

Sayonara from EastBelfastShootingHQ!

EDIT 21-06-11: More of the above EBS kits spotted in the wild, at the above link! Thanx hombres for the pics – maybe a lil’ EBS merch prize for the best one?

& this is nuts – the kits are already being re-sold!

Store updates – 100Y Insert Coin Fridge Magnets, & other STG sweetness!

Store updates – 100Y Insert Coin Fridge Magnets, & other STG sweetness! Go click on the ‘Store’ tab now. Just fuckin’ do it already, yeah! Join us Michael, they’re only noodles…


Barret Twitch Sex Core

‘Barret Twitch Sex Core’ – latest niche STG genre. Ya heard it here first 😛

(Ya gotta love Google translate – check the EBS stick decals in the post below 😉 Thanks to rancor from Tokyoshmups for the correct translation – gotta say, we ❤ that shit! =) )

Danmaku Otaku Beer Heaven !

As the post titles says…

Akai Katana Shin Asahi Kit

Well, fuck us sideways – just took delivery of the above, here at EBS HQ. Truly a thing of beauty. Go visit our STORE page. Do it. Now. Join us Michael…