SLG3000 – argueably the single most essential piece of kit, for the true STG fiend, in the LCD age…

…’nuff said!

SLG3000SLG3000 test pics, East Belfast Shooting HQ – LCD monitor (4:3) @1026x768ppi resolution, PC & NTSC-J X360 output 1026×768, SLG3000 [(V1) Dip 1/2/3/5 ON, 4 OFF], Main Pot 100% clock-wise/ON, and ‘Smoothing’ & ‘Filter’ options OFF where available, in-game… (All pics Canon EOS1000D) From top left – SLG3000 pcb, SLG3000 ‘home-brew’ case (Marlboro Red 10Pack – good indicator of dimensions 😉 ), Muchi-Muchi Pork, Crimson Clover, Akai Katana Shin.)

And voila! The CRT is dead, long live the LCD!

Seriously, you need this in your life – if ya a true STG playa! We lovin’ it…

Purchase directly here:

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